Alexandra Daddario Wearing A Mesmerizing Dress

In her most recent Instagram image, Alexandra Daddario conveys a 1950s Vertigo mood. The actress from the Mayfair Witches stands in a black and cream sweater dress with a swirling design that gives off the impression that the wearer is under hypnosis. She completes the outfit with her sky-high platform heels, curly hair, and vivid red lipstick.

One of the ensembles Alexandra Daddario wore for a recent article in InStyle magazine, in which the actress makes it plain that her success in the television and film industries doesn’t come from playing it safe, was the Gucci dress and Marc Jacobs shoes.

The news that Alexandra Daddario actually left acting school is the article’s opening sentence. She attended a tiny acting school in Manhattan, but she was rejected from the acting program. She felt out of place among her Broadway-loving friends, which only helped to reinforce her conclusion that the school wasn’t right for her, even though performing was.

According to Alexandra Daddario, “I’m not super-strategic.” She basically started accepting any part that appeared “cool” to her rather than having a specific strategy for the kind of roles she sought. Since I’ve always taken my characters seriously, I’ve always found something in each endeavor, she adds, adding that “there’s stuff I’ve done that people don’t take really seriously, which is good.”

In addition to her current prominent role in Mayfair Witches, which is based on the books of Anne Rice, Alexandra Daddario’s name has appeared in the credits of several high-profile films and television programs, including Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Baywatch, and White Lotus.

Below are some memorable moments about Alexandra Daddario from the Baywatch: