Rita Ora with a feather boa

Rita Ora, a British singer-songwriter, is well-known for both her songs and her daring fashion choices, but she recently took things to a whole new level during her pre-Grammy Awards party. The singer flaunted a simple attire consisting of a black feather boa and a pair of matching briefs when she shared a photo set of herself and other celebs on her hugely successful Instagram account, which has over sixteen million followers. Few individuals can pull off this type of provocative appearance, but then again, not many people are Rita Ora.

The first image in the Instagram photo collection perfectly captures Rita Ora and her attire—or lack thereof. The floor-length boa that appears to be draped across the pop singer and occasional actress’ shoulders at first sight really appears to be tied to a sheer, practically transparent gown. She is definitely wearing very little else below, just a pair of simple black briefs and a matching pair of shoes.

Rita Ora’s Instagram post’s caption expresses her surprise at having been in the music business for a good ten years (eleven years, if you consider the release of her debut album Ora in 2012) and promotes her new track “You Only Love Me.” In addition, she makes a point of mentioning the branding firm LimitlessX and the cosmetics brand Costa Brazil, who sponsored her party. Even for international music singers, synergy is crucial.


The remaining images in the collection depict Rita Ora in various provocative ensembles and show her flaunting a razor pointed manicure against her face while grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Other images in the collection depict numerous celebrities who visited Rita Ora’s before going to the Grammy Awards, including upcoming filmmaker Kristen Stewart channeling her gritty rock n’ roll appearance from The Runaways in the sense that famous individuals are permitted to seem somewhat untidy in public.