Miley Cyrus drops a new music Video, where she appears half nude

It is typical of Miley Cyrus to begin the year with a bang. Two weeks after celebrating the arrival of the new year in a grand manner, Miley, 30, unveiled “Flowers”, the first single from her upcoming album, Endless Summer Vacation (set to be released on March 10th by Columbia Records) — and she is certainly thriving. The music video for “Flowers” begins on a melancholy note, as she sings about the life she and her former partner, Liam Hemsworth, created together. “We were great, we were perfect, like a dream that cannot be sold. We were right until we weren’t, built a home and watched it burn,” she begins, referring to the California wildfire that destroyed their Hollywood home in 2018.

The pace of the song alters abruptly when Miley Cyrus reaches the chorus and realizes that she has the capability to love herself endlessly. She sings, “I can buy myself flowers, inscribe my name in the sand. Converse with myself for hours, experience things you cannot comprehend,” as she moves up the driveway of a stylish mansion situated on a hill. “I can take myself dancing and I can hold my own hand,” she continues in the chorus. “Yes, I can love me better than you can.”


The former Disney star continues to express her newfound understanding by singing exuberantly about all the things she can do for herself without remorse. In the video, she sheds her clothing, donning a lacy black lingerie set while swimming and exercising in a luxurious home. She then takes a steamy shower and dances while singing “I can love me better.” The message of self-love and empowerment is communicated strongly. By the end of the video, Miley is seen wearing an oversized black suit with nothing underneath, dancing in the dark, feeling unencumbered and liberated.

You can watch the music video below: