Kim Kardashian appeared in a see-through bikini in her new post

Despite the snow outside, celebs continue to post photographs of themselves in swimsuits to Instagram. Winter doesn’t always mean a lack of high-summer fashion stuff, as seen by Kylie Jenner‘s PVC bikini and Hilary Duff’s huge zip-up swimsuit photos. Not for A-listers, at least. Now that Kim Kardashian has done the same by posting a beachside bikini photo.

She posted a short picture shoot to Instagram overnight for her 335 million followers to see. Kim Kardashian appears in the photo wearing a white two-piece bikini that looks to be made of a very thin material that, when wet, clings to the body like a t-shirt. Yes, it’s obviously not for everyone, but Kim has a history of daring swimwear, of which this is a prime example. The message was “Life tip- do you.”

This set is most likely from Kim’s SKIMS brand, but for now, people, TBC it’s on that front based on her prior bikini postings. Given that Kim’s peroxide-blonde hair is more of a honey color today, it seems likely that this picture is an old one rather than a recent one.

I think these pictures are from the summer period, After the Paris Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian decided to relax on the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. She was wearing a swimsuit from the latest collection of her lingerie line Skims. You can see more pictures from this set here.