Rita Ora sported a transparent outfit while out in Mayfair

Rita Ora is not a star who you can charge with “playing it safe” in terms of style. The British model’s clothing is equally bold and surprising, whether she is wearing several cutouts, nude dresses, or extremely low-rise pants. In actuality, her stunning appearance is the one thing that can be guaranteed. Rita went out and demonstrated this over the weekend, unveiling not one but two stunning outfits, including a completely transparent dress for a night out in Mayfair.

The first outfit, created by Cowboys of Habit, has considerable “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” Kylie Minogue similarities. Over a black thong, the plunging cowl halterneck top is covered by a long, fitted bodice with a loosely draped hood, giving off a decidedly 2000s vibe. Rita Ora then opts for a lot of bling in the shape of huge statement necklaces, layered bracelets and rings, and large Hugo Kreit hoops.

The actress kept her hair back to put the spotlight on the outfit, her smoky eye, and her overlined lips.

So tell me, what was the occasion? Rita went out to a Mayfair pub to celebrate Vas J Morgan’s birthday.

Fans were absolutely shook in the comments – even Taika Waititi commented, “God damn 🔥”

To top off the weekend of epic fashion, Rita went on to wear another stunning gown – this time a plunging aqua Blumarine design, for British Vogue‘s Forces for Change event.