“Sydney Sweeney is the perfect package,” says Alexandra Daddario.

One of the memes of 2020 was Sydney Sweeney’s poolside reprimand of Alexandra Daddario in The White Lotus, which wonderfully encapsulated the soul-crushing possibility of gen z demonstrating how out of touch you are. Thankfully, the two’s reunion at the 25th annual GQ Men of the Year last night was far less unpleasant, with Daddario celebrating Sweeney’s exceptional year of two Emmy nominations.

A fellow actor, Daddario, paid homage to “an incredible talent” by sharing recollections of the Hawaii filming of The White Lotus, including how Sweeney organized a BBQ for the cast and how the two saved a puppy while driving and passing a particularly breathtaking waterfall.

When they first met while filming Mike White’s satirical thriller, Daddario remarked that Sweeney was “so funny, so cool, so down to earth,” and the two actors have remained close ever since. She’s like the perfect package of everything, and her work on Euphoria is great. I’m very proud of her, she said.


Joining her at the microphone Sweeney said, “I’m so grateful that I’m able to play characters that have resonated with so many people and I really hope I can continue to do so.”

Madame Web, a Spider-Man spinoff starring Dakota Johnson, is now in production with Sweeney. Sweeney admitted in her cover interview that she’s drawn to portraying harsh characters, while being coy about the character she’s playing out of fear that the red MCU sniper dot may appear. Sweeney remarked: “I like finding characters who challenge the viewer. I dyed my hair blonde and started dressing up for photoshoots and people thought that is who I am. I worked really hard to change that perception of myself, especially in high school.”

She’ll also be back for Euphoria’s third season, continuing up where her character Cassie left off following a stunning fall from grace earlier this year in season two. “I love the spiral that Cassie goes down,” Sweeney said of her role in the HBO show. “[The darker material] is the easiest for me. I can access my emotions easily, so that’s just kind of what happens”. Not much, again, is known about the show’s third season, though she has some specific hopes for Cassie: “I think it would be fun to play into that power she learned she had.”