See Sofia Vergara In Her Hottest Halloween Costumes

Everyone is getting into the Halloween mood, including Sofia Vergara, who posted a flashback photo of some of her favorite Halloween outfits on Instagram. Unfortunately, Vergara states in her post that she no longer has any costumes to wear for Halloween. Having said that, we are confident Vergara, who is creative and fashionable, will create a costume that is just as stunning as her other outfits.

Since it was up to the costume department to procure them for her, Sofia Vergara’s posts from the Halloween episodes of her popular comedy Modern Family were arguably the simplest to obtain. Her first photo is a genuine flashback because Vergara is dressed like a flight attendant from the 2004 movie Soul Plane, one of her earlier appearances. Even yet, having access to all of these outfits from her movie and television performances would provide her a wide range of options to chose from come Halloween.

Sofia Vergara should start reserving some of her Halloween outfits from movies and television shows so that she has them on hand for next weekends. She will play the real-life drug kingpin Griselda Blanco, also known as The Black Widow, in her next role, which will undoubtedly be frightening but in a far more genuine way. Vergara will play the part in a Netflix miniseries that chronicles Blanco’s rise to power and how she came to be the head of one of the most successful cartels in history.

The highly successful Netflix series Narcos will be heavily represented in Griselda, so the streaming service should score a home run with this one. Vanessa Ferlito, Juliana Aiden Martinez, Alberto Guerra, Alberto Ammann, Christian Tappan, Diego Trujillo, Paulina Davila, Gabriel Sloyer, Martin Rodriguez, Jose Zuniga, Maximiliano Hernandez, and Julieth Restrepo will also appear in the series together with Sofia Vergara. Ingrid Escajeda is the showrunner, while Andres Baiz is the director.

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