Jennifer Lopez Looks Stunning In A Plunging Dress

At the Ralph Lauren spring/summer 2023 fashion show, 53-year-old Jennifer Lopez arrived wearing an extremely exposing all-black outfit.

When she appeared on the red carpet for the first time as a married pair, her husband joined her.


She was dressed in a plunging black pinstripe dress with a leg split, a matching fedora hat, and a clutch purse.


Christian Louboutins in black with pointy toes, matching purse, and jewelry all contributed to Jacquie Aiche’s stylish ensemble.


She kept her makeup very simple, opting for smokey eyeshadow and bare lips.


She posted a selfie of herself inside a kitchen area wearing her whole event dress along with a variety of curling and flat irons. She wrote “California Dreamin'” as the caption.


She also just shared a brand-new video on her Instagram beauty page in which she reminisced about her most recent honeymoon in the romantic city of Paris.


She was seen posing while filming herself while taking time for “self care” with her new husband and their kids during their special retreat.