Alexandra Daddario Poses in Her Nightgown

If you’re having a particularly stressful day, perhaps you can take inspiration from Alexandra Daddario’s zen-like Instagram post. The actress turned to social media to share a brief pajama shot with the tagline “Bed & Breakfast,” followed by a peaceful mood board. Take a look at the following Instagram post:

While it’s unclear precisely where Alexandra Daddario is in this photo, she’s obviously on the beach someplace. We also get some more injections that are great for calming the mind, in addition to her pajama shots. The first is a patterned comb set against a tabletop with an unusual blue-green color scheme. Then there’s a brief but beautiful film of wind chimes swaying in the breeze. The following photo gives us our first indication that Daddario is at the beach, since it captures her shadow, some slides, and sand all in one shot.

The following two photos show some camera equipment on the beach, as well as some churros likely served by catering. It appears like she’s on a set someplace. She finishes the piece with a single willow tree enjoying the breeze. I don’t know about you, but after reading through those photos, I feel a lot better!

Alexandra Daddario is no stranger to beaches, having starred in the Baywatch remake, but her latest message isn’t linked to the film. According to her most recent Instagram post, Daddario is currently filming Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches in Louisiana. A neurosurgeon realizes she is the heir of a witch dynasty in the forthcoming series. In 2023, the program will air for eight episodes. Annabeth Gish, Erica Gimpel, Beth Grant, Jen Richards, Tongayi Chirisa, Harry Hamlin, and Eric Esteban feature alongside Daddario. The program will be shown on AMC.