In a new post, Halle Berry flaunts the perfect plunging neckline.

Halle Berry isn’t afraid to show her true colors. Halle is prepared to put it all out there, whether it’s for her Academy Award-winning performance in 2001’s Monster’s Ball or for having the strange bravery to do that crazy one-on-one basketball sequence with Benjamin Bratt in 2004’s Catwoman.

She is also prepared to post some bold and risqué looks on social media, which is fortunate for us as a species. She just shared a series of photos on Instagram of herself wearing a silver jumpsuit with a very plunging neckline. It’s a sight to behold, so have a look at Halle Berry here and thank us later:

Wow. Just WoW! The silver outfit has a plunging neckline that dives all the way down to her waist. Her hair and make-up are by Sara Tess and Jorge Monroy, and her ears are by Mara Paris.

Also let’s recall some epic moments of the actress: