Anne Hathaway Wears A Cut-Out Gown To Flaunt Her Legs

Anne Hathaway, who starred in The Dark Knight Rises, has a Dwayne Johnson-like schedule of upcoming movie work, but her most recent project is the miniseries WeCrashed, in which she co-stars with Jared Leto (Morbius). WeCrashed’s season finale premieres today on Apple TV+, and Anne Hathaway opted to offer viewers a great glimpse of her legs to celebrate. The delicious image is from the show’s debut, and it’ll make you wonder why she ever covers them up (unless, of course, when it’s chilly, which is a fairly clear explanation).

On Friday morning, Hathaway shared the snapshot on Instagram, explaining that the particular angle she picked wasn’t by chance. She’s smiling on a stairwell, resting on a rail with one hand on the rail and the other hiding part of her face in the photograph. Anne Hathaway adds in the caption that the photograph “sums up how overjoyed I have been by all the love” her social media fans have shown WeCrashed. The image below shows what I’m talking about.

She shared images from the WeCrashed premiere on the day the show debuted on Apple TV+, including ones with Leto, co-stars O-T Fagnbenle (Black Widow) and Kyle Marvin (The Climb), and WeCrashed executive producers Drew Crevello (The Grudge 2) and Lee Eisenberg (The Office).