Jennifer Lopez in a Swimsuit Says “Happy New Year”

Jennifer Lopez is one of Hollywood’s most attractive and fit ladies. Since her days as a Fly Girl, she hasn’t aged a day, and her wellness secrets have been sought after by many. So it was no surprise to see numerous stunning and glowing photos, including some of her in a swimming suit, when she posted a “#2021Recap loading…#HappyNewYear” on Instagram this weekend. Her personal trainer, David Kirsch, revealed the singer’s workout program to Vogue just a few months ago. Read on to learn 5 methods Jennifer Lopez is claimed to stay in shape and the photographs to prove it—and don’t miss these vital 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos to become beach-ready yourself!

1.She Gets Enough Sleep

Lopez cherishes her beauty sleep despite her hectic schedule. “Sleep is usually the common denominator. Rest and restoration are critical for your recuperation and general health “Kirsch said. He also suggests that you use a gadget to track your sleep. “Allow for a maximum of eight hours of sleep. A healthy adult should get at least seven hours of sleep every night. To attain this aim, most people don’t require more than eight hours in bed “According to the Mayo Clinic. “Every day, go to bed and wake up at the same hour. On weeknights and weekends, try to keep the time gap between your sleep schedules to no more than one hour. Consistency helps to maintain your body’s sleep-wake cycle.”

2.She Is Committed To Her Health


Lopez, according to Kirsch, is very committed to her health and fitness program. He stated, “Jennifer is precise about her eating, sleeping, and everything else in her life.” “It’s not only about changing your physical appearance; it’s about changing every part of your life.”

3.She Squats Like a Platypus


Platypus squats are one of Kirsch’s workouts that he practices with Lopez. “Jennifer and I do a lot of wide-stance platypus walks. A sumo walking squat is also known as a sumo squat “he declares “It works wonders on your inner thighs and buttocks.”

4.She works out in a variety of ways.


For the singer’s workout program, Kirsch says he prefers to mix different sorts of activities. “We incorporate cardio, plyometrics, whole body, core, and lower body exercises into her routines,” he revealed. “They are very, very hard, and she takes it very seriously, which is amazing for someone like me.”

5.She Volunteers For Charities


Lopez is well-known for being a generous person who supports a variety of causes.In truth, Kirsch claims that he met Lopez while working for his organization, Just For The Children, which works to combat juvenile obesity ( you can also hop over to know how to get rid off obesity). She says that “[The charity’s] work is about creating a balance between healthy tech and mindful activity, as well as combating kid obesity,” Kirsch adds. “Jennifer provided the preface to my book, and she’s a huge proponent of incorporating a healthy lifestyle into one’s home.”