4 Tips from Jennifer Aniston: The 52-year-old star’s “Beauty Secret”

Emmy Award-winning and Golden Globe-winning American actress and producer Jennifer Aniston, with her many successful life roles and film projects, gets the most questions about her care.


The 52-year-old-star “Beauty Secret” is very simple, and its main component is proper nutrition, natural makeup and a positive mood.

“In general, I wear very light make-up during the day, in my opinion, the less product you have, the greater the effect. In my bag you will always find pink lipstick, mascara and if necessary cream blush. Additional products are simply unnecessary for me. ”


“It is necessary to take care of facial skin and live a healthy lifestyle. Our body needs to look good, not because it pleases others, but because we want it to.” Now days it is easy to achieve a younger and refreshed look without Botox by My Botox LA Med Spa.Hence,you can also achieve the look by booking your slot.

“We must always control what we eat and what we drink. “Substances that harm our skin must be removed from our daily diet.”


“Alcohol is one of the first enemies of beauty, it terribly dries the skin of the face and causes it to age prematurely.”


“Finally, the most important thing – water, water and water. Drink plenty of fluids, eat fruits and vegetables and reduce the amount of fried products as much as possible. ”