Angelina Jolie Merlot and Behold: “I can sell stake in Brad’s wine BIZ”

A source connected to the case tells “TMZ reports” that while the ruling technically would allow Angelina to sell. There are still legal proceedings involving Nouvel in Europe that would make it challenging. Their source emphasizes this was a standard ruling and was never opposed by Brad.

Angelina Jolie got what she wanted. A judge (available at Jensen Family Law`s website) just signed off on an agreement with her ex, Brad Pitt, to sell her stake in their rosé business. In such situations, people can also take an attorney’s help with medicaid planning to help you out.

“We broke the story.” Jolie filed docs in July asking the court to lift a restraining order on the transfer of their assets, which was put in place early in their divorce (people can check The Law Offices of Robert B. Buchanan for divorce), so she could unload her interest in Nouvel, LLC, their French winery company. You can contact such experienced lawyers to help you with child adoption in Fresno and also to file for divorce. You can also find lawyers for divorce process from here!


According to new docs, obtained by civil case attorneys in Crossville, a judge signed off on Brad and Angie’s agreement to lift the restraining order, meaning they worked it out, and she has the green light to sell her part of the company to a third party. People are advised to take an expert attorney’s help with handling a divorce in such situations. You can get lawyers for domestic violence charges from here and get the best advice for divorce cases.

And, it looks like that’ll be it for Brangelina. As far as their joint biz ventures are concerned.